William Hall III


William (Bill) Hall III is the CEO of Redwood Tax Specialists, a speaker, and an educator.

He is passionate about massively lowering taxes for business owners and affluent families by working with them and his highly-qualified professional tax team. This is a matter of great personal interest to Bill because for years he paid millions of dollars in unnecessary taxes. Too late, he learned that he could have made decisions that would have substantially reduced his income tax liability. Today Bill enjoys sharing the strategies he used to reduce his own taxes. 

Bill has spent over 38 years in the financial industry and gained access to some of the foremost tax planning experts in the world. He has helped hundreds of clients to reduce their taxes. Of these clients, many received tax reductions in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and select clients received 7 figures of tax savings. 

What makes Bill’s approach unique is his relentless focus on implementing advanced tax strategies first rather than fixating on financial or insurance products.

With this attitude of “value first”, Bill achieves extraordinary results for his clients and helps them to build legacies that will last for generations. Today, Bill’s strategies are utilized by many prosperous business owners and individuals with assets from $2 million to over $1 billion together with his partner Scott Fedyshyn. 

Bill lives with his wife Tracie in Cornelius, North Carolina. He has five children and two grandchildren. Bill enjoys mountain biking, fishing, golf, and mentoring CPAs, financial planners, and other financial professionals. He is actively mentoring over 100 financial professionals throughout the U.S.

“Redwood goes beyond the tax return and accounting.”