Tracey Bagley

Director of 401k Services

Tracey is the Director of 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan Services for the Redwood Retirement Platform.  Her 25 years of experience and expertise are demonstrated by the quality of her work, her disciplined approach to retirement plan compliance and annual processes, and her very strong knowledge-base on all technical matters.

She takes a very efficient approach to managing these plans and has deep expertise and experience in taking on plans that have had compliance issues and getting them corrected properly and back on the right footing. Most importantly, she is client facing centric and ensures that each client is handled with great attention to their needs.  

Having worked for other TPA firms, more than half her career has been in running her own firm. In doing so she became well versed in all aspects of the Tax Qualified retirement plan industry and has been our go to technical expert for years. As she became more aware of the major tax advantages of our combination plan designs, coupling a Cash Balance Plan with a 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan, we had mutual interest in teaming up and making her the Director on this side of that design model. 

Having two very powerful and strong technical leaders for our teams in Gene and Tracey, to implement and manage the annual requirements for the advanced retirement plan designs that are available to all Redwood Tax Specialists, our Redwood clients could not be in better hands.  

“Tax Reduction Planning You Won’t Find On Main Street”