Chris Hammond

Tax Reduction specialist

Chris drives the strategic initiatives of the REDWOOD Retirement Platform. Principally to sharpen processes and to build out the value proposition that our firm’s collective expertise delivers through our solutions to all REDWOOD Tax Specialists, for the tax plans they develop.

 Working directly with our Chief Actuary, Chris helps manage the actuarial side, and analytically synthesizes the key information to help our partners and clients understand the balance of accumulating retirement benefits, the funding of those benefits annually and over the life of the plan, to the resulting tax advantages of their funding plan.  

Chris has 25 years of career experience in retirement plan financial services and technology, including 17 years in all facets with a major national accounting firm as a key player, with substantial experience in Defined Benefit Pension Plans.

Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance and continued his career education with the American Society of Pension Actuaries and is also on track to complete licensing as a Life Agent. He is a certified Cash Balance Consultant and assists with the outlook of our client’s retirement plans and tax implication, while directing the operational processes of our team.  

Chris and Jeff collaborate heavily with our Actuarial team to look at strategies and tactics that can be used for more cutting edge designs, that we and our REDWOOD Tax Specialists find are superior to Main Street firms. Our expertise is constantly enabling Jeff to custom fit very high end solutions for each particular business owner or ownership group. The premium solutions we craft cannot be beat.

“Tax Reduction Planning You Won’t Find On Main Street”